Higher Perspective - Destiny Dub - Big Wave Records - Cover Art by Sylvan `O Reilly aka Astral-Haze

You are perfection and infinite
Combined with protection and Divine Consciousness of Zero
I and I can reach the verge of manifestation
And expresses the totality of our ever expanding Universe

See the bigger picture from a higher perspective
Your vibration has much to offer to the world
Destiny number souls must give their all
Energies of 80 pursue your ultimate goal

As above
So below



Higher Perspective ::: Destiny Dub

Release date: 20 November 2014

Release number: BWR/06

Genres: electronic, experimental, ambient dub, ethno dub, psydub, downtempo

1. Scorpion Sting – The Shimmer Effect
2. Moth Lost In A Flame – Dub Bred
3. Pieces Of Eight – Arkeyetexture
4. The Psalmist – Salook
5. Come Forth – Alchesound


 ARTWORK: Sylvan O’Reilly © Astral-Haze
astral-haze.deviantart.com ; astral-visions@hotmail.com

Higher Perspective ::: Destiny Dub is a concept album based around the number 80 featuring unreleased music produced by Big Wave Records residents for this intended release. All tracks are set at 80 bpm. All audio created, produced and mixed by respective artists and remain their intellectual property. Compiled by Big Wave Records. All rights reserved.

Free Download & Streaming at BandcampArchivesLast.fmand Noisetrade.

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New Music by Alchesound

It`s been a while since I`ve posted, but here we go > 2 new uploads on SoundCloud!


electronic / experimental/ avant-gard e/ industrial / atmospheric/ soundscape / glitch


electronic / trip-hop / dreamy / ambient/downtempo

Sometimes you sit and produce for days, ending up with loads of tracks that just don’t cut it. Other days, without too much effort, it naturally flows out of you. pʌls is one of those and definitely not the most ‘listener friendly’ song that I’ve put out there, and will mess around with your built-in metronome without a doubt.

We all go through strong and intense emotions at times, needing an outlet right?  That is exactly what music is ..well for me at least

If you are into cross-genre type music of an electronic, experimental nature, I really hope you can sit through this one. You`ll  also find some glitchy, alternative, trip-hop and trance elements.

Listen at SoundCloud or alternatively at Fandalism if you are in the area. Leave a comment, share if you like!

Sehnsucht is the first guest release by Big Wave Records and is a collection of beautiful and colourful instrumental pieces of an ambient abstract nature,  sure to take you on a mystical sonic journey.

Artists include Isotherme, Alchesound, qollop, Ilpo, Elixirion, Zixel`s Deep Space Orchestra, Kikai, Kostas Pantelis and 3dtorus.

Free Download

Cover Image: Astral-Haze

Cover Image: Astral-Haze

You can also stream my contribution to the album, ‘Moksha‘ on SoundCloud > click here to listen.

Alchesound On Air this Week

In case you have missed the updates and info on Facebook or Twitter recently, I have been picked by a few DJs to feature on their shows – All these online radio stations support independent music and I encourage you to take some time to visit and see what they’re up to, maybe submit your own music and get some play and exposure!

Below you will find the relevant links and more info.

Thank you to each and everyone who support my musical journey, I know you are few and widely scattered.. and that’s awesome!



Soundtrack to the Rebellion with ‘nomad‘ straight from Washington on Loop Radio. The Earth Day 2014  spotlight was cast on Alchesound and my side project The Shimmer Effect (including my partner in crime Salook), as well as the very talented producer Halftribe in a show called Still life and Soundscapes. If you`ve missed the live stream, you can check  out the playlist and head on over to the podcast for streaming or downloading.

>> www.loopradio.net >>



Hidden Sun with DJ Dragon

Generate is an all around music portal & on demand web radio based in Patras, Greece . My track Consciousness Soundscape will be included in the latest episode of radio show Hidden Sun with DJ Dragon.

Be sure to tune in on Friday the 25th at 23:00 (Greek Time)

>> www.generateproject.com >>

click on the live streaming section!!

Cox Music Show

Based in High Point, NC, The Cox Music Show is a 60 minute indie music program hosted by Allen Cox. My track Void has been chosen to feature on episode 68 and runs from 10 April until 24 April. Be sure to tune in, Allen supports and plays various artists and genres from all around the world!!

>> http://coxrecords.podomatic.com >>




New track up on SoundCloud!

electronica, trip hop, chill, Idm, experimental

You can listen directly at SoundCloud or use the player below.

Created and produced by Alchesound © All rights reserved.
Vox samples by Ras Kitchen. Not mixed & mastered.





Just uploaded a new concoction to SoundCloud – Multiverse .

Genres:  electronica/ glitch/ experimental /downtempo

Multiverse - Alchesound

Special thanks to Cole Mccray /FREQuency EXPerience for permission to use his mad circuit bending- and noise manipulation samples. Cole is an experimental/electronic musician from IOWA interested in synth building and effect modification.

Listen to Multiverse on SoundCloud


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