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electronica, trip hop, chill, Idm, experimental

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Created and produced by Alchesound © All rights reserved.
Vox samples by Ras Kitchen. Not mixed & mastered.





Just uploaded a new concoction to SoundCloud – Multiverse .

Genres:  electronica/ glitch/ experimental /downtempo

Multiverse - Alchesound

Special thanks to Cole Mccray /FREQuency EXPerience for permission to use his mad circuit bending- and noise manipulation samples. Cole is an experimental/electronic musician from IOWA interested in synth building and effect modification.

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Big Wave Records  just released their first official album ‘I in the Sky‘, a 5 track compilation EP featuring music by Dub Bred, Salook, Alchesound, Arkeyetexture and The Shimmer Effect.  This one`s a collection of eccentric self-styled music,  electronic, experimental, downtempo, ambient, glitch and psydub vibez!

Artwork: Astral-Haze

Artwork: Astral-Haze

More details and Free Download link here!

I’ve been busy with a few ideas in between tracks and thought I’d put this one out there.

Downtempo/Electronic/ Chill/ Ambient

88 BPM

I`ll give you time

_ 11:11 _

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Due to my admiration and chronic itch to do a collab with him, Justin Belt
aka Arkeyetexture (USA) and myself teamed up a few weeks ago to bring you ‘A State of Kind‘,  now live and ready for streaming.


80 BPM


Come space out with us!

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R.I.P Madiba

It was a privilege to grow up in a country where you have made such a significant impact on our reality as individuals and as a nation.

You led by example.

You changed the world.

Respect and Love to you Madiba, may you rest in Peace.

You live on in our hearts!

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

1918 – 2013

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Featured on Rybird.com

Rybird Radio streams ambient, chill-out electro and electronic rock music from many fine independent music artists around the globe, 24 hours a day! Alchesound was just featured on their blog, come check it out :) 




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